Legal Career Written In Your Glorious Destiny?

Legal career

The modern-day situation with an economic background and outlook on social issues have led to a demand in legal careers.

There has been a sharp rise in the number of job opportunities related to the law and judiciary arising from enforcement of stronger regulatory oversight frameworks fabricated by the government.

With a new world order in the economic aspect and mindsets, there arises an increased demand for legal representation in the society.

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Life In A Legal Career

Lawyers being the prime example for the judiciary profiles, in general, are looked upon as highly dignified and are highly credible factors which help to re-establish the trust of the public in the law-and order system nationwide.

 Lawyers are respected by society with the highest standards as they give advice and teach people to go the right way and people also get to know their rights bestowed on them by the government of their nation. 

So, if you doubt whether law is your stop and do you have what it takes to be good at being a lawyer? Astrology can help in finding out if you are cut out to be a lawyer or not as it is immensely methodological, and hence, can assist an individual with weighing up the options.

Role Of planets In A Legal career

As per Vedic astrology, two planets that play a major role in choosing ‘Law’ as a Career: The planets, Sun and Saturn. In this context, the sun indicates the superiority of authority, the law, the superiors, and those types. However, there arises the astrological concept of Saturn that stands for higher ranks and posts in the case of law or the post of a “Judge” or any other higher judiciary posts.
To make it clear, it is imperative to have a detailed study of the location of the Sun and Saturn which should be considered for people who want to invest their energy on a legal career to evaluate whether their attempt will be worthwhile or not.

Signs to look out in order to make it in a Legal career

Jupiter is regarded as the mentor of the deities and Venus is considered as the mentor of the Devil both the planets play a vital role in the law and legal activities. The other factor is that Advocacy or legal profession involves intelligence, knowledge, communication, bravery, courage, tactfulness and strategy which is all about the presence of mind.’

Role of Planets in making a legal career

5th house is a place of wits. Mercury as a power of intelligence and Communication is more likely to be more powerful.
Mars is the planet of courage and fearlessness. Therefore, the presence of Mars would be highly beneficial.

Rahu cannot be placed in a malefic state because this planet will help to understand how to deal with any difficult situation as well as this planet will help to speak a lie which at times is a requirement to solve the case.

The role of Houses

6th, 8th and 12th houses are quite important for this profession. These houses deal with the things such as quarrels, illness, fights, hospital, poverty, expenses, death, and a foreign land. Therefore, the lords of these houses should be in eighth with the house of profession i.e. 10th house.
The airy type of Rashi i.e., Gemini, Libra, Aquarius are more likely to become consultants and thus the prospect of becoming an advocate is more among this group of Rashi.
The ninth house, on the other hand, is connected to the regulation and religious court or hence the mutual aspect of the 9th and 10th house also leads to being the success in this field.


Therefore there is a considerable role of planets to make it big in a legal career. Be it the role of Jupiter, Sun or Venus. One must also look at the 6th, 8th and 12th houses in detail.


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