Is Economist Career Written In One Of Your Wonderful Stars?


To be an Economist is to be equipped with a complex set of tools which guide the procedures in governing, addressing the necessities of a country among others. Traditional career consulting is mostly inclined to rig through academic achievements, but astrology goes beyond the aforementioned by bringing to light celestial placements playing a critical role in career paths. In this essay we consider the matter concerning good astral prognoses enlightening people bent on positive economic results.

Understanding Astrological Predictions:

The fundamental premise of astrology is that the celestial bodies that were positioned in certain positions at the time of our birth can define our personality, gifts, and life’s experiences. Astrological placements, according to this view, augur any gift in the area of analytical thinking, financial management, and planning.

Mercury, the planet of communication and intelligence, holds special relevance in the context of the economists’ realm. A diligent, well led Mercury highlights reasoning, logic and the ability to elaborate on complex thoughts.

People who have Mercury predominantly placed in their natal charts may show inclinations towards Economics (i.e. their performance and work in the Economics field is commendable in terms of thinking and decision making) and those roles which involve analytical and decision-making skill and ‘no stone’ attitude.
Furthermore, Venus and Jupiter’s positions may help to develop people’s financial insight and career management efficiency. Venus, an embodiment of the resource and value planet, has a dual focus on economic stability, income, and a peaceful method of acquisition of means. 

Jupiter, a planet symbolizing expansiveness and abundance, brings us to the door of greatness events in the economic sphere, such as wealth creation and prosperity.

Astrological Houses And Economist Career:

Placement of the houses portrays quite different domains of life and each of them has its own attributes and topics. Some houses are especially important to economic careers for the benefits thus brought to the profession including identifying any entrepreneurial possibilities and shortcomings.

Venus as a second house, an indicator of financial and material matters, has a lot to do with the working class’s economic dreams and ambitions. Some of the individuals fortunate enough to have positive planetary placements in the second house may be naturally drawn to vocations in fields such as finance, money lending, investments, or economic research as a fated path. 

These placements can signify that a candidate has a considerable imagination about the economics, organizational ability, and a strong willingness to control and promote economic systems of society.

The tenth one which, among the natal chart positions, signifies work life, public affairs and economic activity, tells many things about one’s career, luck and financial situation.

 According to the stars, fortuitous placements of planets in the tenth house are likely to indicate administration positions not only in finance but also in trade, politics, or the international arena. 

You can also read about dominant periods of a planet also known as Mahadasha on AstroNidan Blogs.

The top ten positions may be likely to do well in areas that involve formal making of policies, building good economic models, or giving good advice in the natural or international economic policies.

Timing And Astrological Transits:

Besides the natal chart and transits, as well as progressions analysis whereby revolutionaries gain practical ground on when and where to take advantage of career opportunities. Specific planetary positions on transit are the indication of the auspicious time to go for higher studies, gain more capital or achieve professional acclamation.

For instance, the transit of beneficial Jupiter can mean expansion in the areas of business, trading, and bold international academic partnerships. Although individuals under Jupiter influence may regard career advancement or diversification of their financial competencies as a reason to become happier, they might get an offer for promotion, a career lift or a range to expand their financial skills.

Role of Venus and Jupiter:

Likewise Venus and Jupiter in positive positions could mean good financial periods, growth, and favored returns. These journeys may bring about challenges and problems, but those are also the times where such passes might turn out to be chances to develop and achieve economic success.


Astrology gives mankind a peculiar viewpoint from which people can get an understanding of their personality traits, problems and get career light as well. The sector of economics in astrology can be the guide for the people. It gives the evidence of the person’s ability to earn the money, their capability, and the time of the career advancement decisions. Therefore, Astrology can provide some guidance for people seeking a career in Astrology.

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