Is Saturn Mahadasha Shaping Your Destiny?

Saturn Mahadasha

Saturn Mahadasha which is  also known as Shani Mahadasha, is a period of 19 years as per Vedic astrology. Saturn is a very very powerful planet and is a symbol for lots of aspects of an individual’s life that range from longevity, karma, ambitions, hard work, patience, delay, and even discipline among many.

During Saturn Mahadasha, Saturn holds major control in the person’s life and brings forward both positive and negative impacts. To make conclusion regarding the effects of Shani Mahadasha we need to rely on the placement of Saturn in a person’s horoscope, individual karma, and the planet’s position in the horoscope.

This duration favours the integration of power and discipline in the growing stage. It’s important to note that the effects of Surya Antardasha during Shani Mahadasha can be different as per the individual’s birth chart, planetary alignments, and specific aspects at play. 

Positive Effects Of Shani Mahadasha:

  • Strength: This being might gain strength, courage, and the capability to achieve much in bigger than themselves.
  • Challenges: This being the case, life now offers possibilities to all sectors: issues can be solved and the person can get famous and become widely recognized.
  • Material gains: It could be the bringer of tangible gains such as wealth, business success, or money when it comes to resources.
  • Spiritual growth: As the society becomes more technological, people are likely to start prioritizing spiritual activities and inner self-discoveries and the implied long-term objectives.
  • Career growth: Shani Mahadasha can be a blessing with gifts as well as obstacles that will require me to overcome. It is the time to make some hard work and wisely select the career path, because with a continuous labour you are almost doomed to be rewarded.

Negative effects of Shani Mahadasha:

  • Mental health: The diseases such as depression, anxiety, and stress can occur due to the lack of social interactions.
  • Financial: Financial issues may be created as well when people tend to overspending and since they don’t have long-term financial stability.
  • Relationships: Marital or relationship strain is also very likely.
  • Health: When there is illnesses illnesses may increase and people usually psychologically feel anxious and fearful.
  • Job: When people lose jobs or experience difficulties in their personal relationships, these are some things that might result during the Mahadasha. 
  • Results: It may be that a life without these things is concluded success, marriage, and progeny.
  • Consequences: Such individuals could have the repercussions of the deeds they have done.

Remedies for Saturn Mahadasha:

Chanting Mantras:

Saying the Saturn mantras connected with Lord Saturn like the Shani Mantra as well as the Navagraha Mantra is said to give the feeling of Shani the planet to the person and make the person immune to the harmful effects of the Mahadasha of Saturn.

Barefoot on Grass:

Saturn Mahadasha
Feet of asian woman relaxing on grass field. Relaxing concept.

This method is supposed to assist in keeping the pit on the Earth so you can still make a connection to the celestial body. Grass lawns are supposed to cleanse from all harmful effects that your Saturn can produce whenever you walk without shoes.

Practicing Karma Yoga:

Saturn Mahadasha

Karma yoga is renouncing and working for the benefit of others without selfishness and desire for the fruits of efforts. By participating in altruism and selfless voluntary, one can mitigate the affect of Saturn.

Performing Yagya or Havans:

Saturn Mahadasha

Agnihotra or Yagya, as the Hindu rite is called, is a furious ritual where offerings usually are made to the god Agni. It is performing rituals, perhaps reciting the mandarasga which are aimed at calming down Saturn’s malefic effects, that traditionally proves effective.

Offering Lamps:

Offering oil lamps or candles to the planet Saturn that is associated with Lord Kaalbhairava would be an act of ritualism that would provide protection, in the same vain, that might counter recipient’s, bad effects of the Saturn’ Mahadasha.

Worshiping Lord Kaalbhairava:

Shiva as the Destroyer and Lord Kaalbhairava are two faces of the same coin; the first one is related to time and is also known as the fiercest form of Lord Shiva. It is said that chanting the divine name Kaalbhairava will help to alleviate the difficulties that Saturn brings in a person’s life.

Abstaining from Alcohol and Non-Vegetarian Food:

Saturn represents three thing – discipline, restraint, and authority. Not consuming alcohol and meat during Saturn Mahadasha is thought only to provide good results when one maintains a spiritual life by maintaining cleanness and balance.

Reciting the Hanuman Chalisa:

Hanuman Chalisa literally translates as Hanuman prayer. This is a hymn to Lord Hanuman, an avatar renowned for his raw power and devotion. By reciting Hanuman Chalisa, one is able to draw the favour of the Lord who is known to grant protection and overcome obstacles faced during Saturn Mahadasha.

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