Sun Mahadasha: Will It Illuminate Your Destiny?

What Is Mahadasha?

In Vedic astrology, Mahadasha is a significant period in a person’s life. The dasha pattern shows which planets according to Hindu astrology would be affecting at particular times. It’s a period of planetary influence that lasts for a fixed number of years. The term is determined by the position of the planets at the time of a person’s birth. Sun is considered as a planet in Vedic astrology.

The word “Maha” means great or big, and “Dasha” means a period of time. The Mahadasha span is of 120 years in total, which is distributed amongst nine planets. Each planet’s ruling period is segmented within perceived 120 years, which is known as the Mahadashas.

During the Mahadasha, every planet influences the person’s life depending upon a variety actors. For example, Rahu Mahadasha is believed to bring bad luck, misfortune, greed, dissatisfaction, as well as illusion and delusion. However, if Rahu is unfavourable, one suffers could suffer from many losses, such as snake-bite, aberration of the mind, hallucinations and illusions, asthma, eczema etc. 

The Sun Mahadasha 

In astrology, Surya Mahadasha is a six-year period that lasts for the Sun, the lord of the Leo zodiac sign. The Antardasha of Surya Mahadasha is three months and eighteen days.

Effects Of Sun Mahadasha:

When it comes to the Surya (Sun) antardasha in the Surya mahadasha, it holds the potential to bring both positive and challenging outcomes depending on the individual’s birth chart and the overall planetary alignment. The Sun is a powerful planet associated with qualities such as power, belief, vitality, and leadership. Its influence can affect important areas of life, that include career, health, relationships, and personal growth.

The positives of Sun Mahadasha:

  • Parents will be happy. This could stem out of a variety of reasons such as the much awaited successes of their children.
  • State honours may be received. This is the time period when the honesty of a person gets deserved appreciation and is awarded greatly. This means that an individual will do extremely good if they take up any job in the government sector.
  • Fame can be attained due to education, one’s family.
  • Agricultural farming may be profitable, land and vehicles may be acquired.
  • Physical beauty may increase. Sun Mahadasha is a time period where your skin could get the glimmer of gold and you can become much better looking.
  • One may get opportunities of going on pilgrimages and performing religious rituals.
  • The individual might also experience a sudden positive and upward shift in their social status.
  • The individual is also termed to take leadership roles. This could also mean that they will have or get a promotion in their workplace.

Possible Negative Effects Of Sun Mahadasha:

  • There may be unhappiness caused by the pain of venereal diseases, fever and mental anxiety.
  • The individual might also have to suffer from depressive episodes in their life and can also become prone to suffering from depression.
  • There are chances of possible disputes that can arise within the families and relatives.
  • Health may cause irritation and headaches may cause pain.
  • There is a possibility of conflicts arising with the spouse or friends.
  • There are chances that individual might have to suffer separation from their family.
  • Moreover, the individual might also catch himself go through episodes that might end up with getting publicly humiliated. 
  • The negative effects of Sun’s Mahadasha also includes an individual experiencing changes in their behaviour. The individual will observe themselves to get more aggressive and short tempered in nature.
  • Another Sun Mahadasha bad effects include an individual will also have a lot of enemies in their life during this going Dasha. Moreover, they will also have an increase in their enemies. Additionally, it is also advised that an individual should take care while making friends as they might also be backstabbers. 

Remedies To Counter The Negative Effects Of Sun Mahadasha

Well the Sun Mahadasha might seem scary by now! But worry not because there are basic remedies which will surely fix it all for you. You can use in order to prevent the onset of these effects over you or your loved ones. Also, the use of these remedies will also help strengthen your Sun or Surya planet. These Sun Mahadasha remedies are as follows: 

Respecting Elders:

An individual, in order to prevent and protect themselves from the harmful effects of Surya Mahadasha, one should always remember to treat their elders respectfully. This term specifically refers to the individual’s father.

Beneficial Colors:

It would be beneficial for the individual to wear colors like saffron, yellow and red. Moreover, it should be prioritized to wear these clothes on Sundays and holidays.

Chanting Mantras And Yoga

  • It is also recommended that an individual must chant Surya mantra for about 108 times in order to please the Sun God or Surya Dev. Pleasing the Sun God would strengthen the individual’s Surya planet.
  • An individual should also perform regular Surya Namaskar and should also regularly offer water to Sun.
  • Additionally, it is also advised that an individual must chant the Aditya Hridaya Stotram in order to protect themselves from the negative effects of Sun Mahadasha.
  • It is advisable for the individual to look at the rising sun with his naked eyes.
  • Lastly, worshipping Lord Vishnu is also one of the things an individual can do in order to protect themselves from the negative effects of Surya Mahadasha.


In conclusion,  the Sun Mahadasha which is a crucial period of 6 years can hold a variety of positive and negative impacts in an individuals life. The effects could be on different aspects of lives including career, health, relationships, and personal growth. While it’s positive outcomes include parental happiness, career advancements, fame, and enhanced physical appearance, it may also present challenges such as health issues, family disputes, and social conflicts.

However, with proper understanding and remedies, individuals can navigate through  the negative effects and harness the positive energies of Sun Mahadasha.

Therefore, Sun Mahadasha serves as a transformative phase in one’s life journey, offering opportunities for growth, success, and spiritual evolution. With awareness, perseverance, and the implementation of remedial measures, individuals can navigate through this period with resilience and emerge stronger, ready to embrace the next chapter of their astrological journey.

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