Is Your MBA Destiny Aligned With Astrological Favor?

Astrology, one of the most primitive techniques used for knowledge, has been used since time immemorial for encouraging people in making the right decisions regarding career and education. To determine whether a person should start studies on the MBA, we can consider whether there are some meaningful planetary placements in their birth chart to indicate a success.

Let’s Explore Some Of These Favorable Astrological Combinations With Regards To MBA:

Mba And Strong Mercury:

Mercury, the planet offering intellectual prowess, communication proficiency, and business knowledge is the factor that makes an MBA a worthy investment of students’ time and finances. The power of an undefeated Mercury based in an accurate natal chart can endow one’s mind with superior analytical skills and expressive communication abilities, as well as intense desire towards business perceptions. The placement of Mercury well in its own sign of Gemini or Virgo or even better favored in the sign of Virgo is excellent as this improves the individual’s thinking ability in respect to both simple and complex concepts and academics related to management and administration.

MBA And Benefic Jupiter:

Jupiter aka the planet of wisdom, expansion and prosperity will be one of the celestial bodies backing an educated society including an MBA lesson. Jupiter can offer people wisdom, leadership qualities, and the zeal of learning, because of its sign’s placement in Sagittarius, Pisces or Cancer and also exalted in position of Cancer.

Strategic Mars:

As a planet that stands for initiation, action, and reaching the finish line, Mars is the strongest asset to work with for ambitious people who want to succeed in the cutthroat world of business. The best locus of Mars that enables a student to be more courageous, dedicated, and well-strategic, in other words, is in Aries or Scorpio, or in exalted position in Capricorn. When it comes to Mars situated at the tenth house it can prove to be a positive factor that will depict a proactive approach of the individual. It will show he/she is assertive and ready to take a risk with caution, these three qualities are so necessary for leadership positions in the business industry.

Stable Saturn:

Saturn symbolizes the quality of being disciplined, persistent, and a planner for the long-term which are all the attributes any MBA aspirant should have on the pursuit to sustained accomplishment in their professions. Excellent Saturn placement, for example in Capricorn or Aquarius, natal or in exalted state in Libra, prompts individuals to perform well at work and persevere when faced with difficulties. It gives them a good organization skill and an ability to take on serious tasks properly. People with a Saturn placed wisely in their horoscope are commonly the ones who remain energetic and meet challenges despite setbacks on their way to success, are avoidant-free, and realize that hard work is the only way to succeed.

Harmonious Venus:

Venus, as a symbol of creativity, balance and interpersonal relationship are all the elements that are important in the operation of the business organizations. Lucky arrangement of Venus in its own sign (Taurus or Libra) or in the sign of its greatest elevation (Pisces) is known as the mark of the possessor of diplomatic abilities, eye for beauty and skill of bringing people together for the common goal.


In a nutshell, a birth chart analysis is capable of showing the favorable points of the placed planets can be the road to the discovery of personal strength and talents that can be exploited in the successful pursuit of an MBA. Students who want to involve themselves in this area can appreciate a skilled astrologer in order to have better knowledge about how planetary effects can see through their life in terms of academic and career choices.

Finally, this journey requires some amount of hard work, perseverance, and, most importantly, using one’s strength derived from inside and outside to enable a good path through the business administration realm. Do check out AstroNidan for accurate AIML insights and AstroNidan blogs for a variety of astrology content.

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