Cancer Sex Life – Sun Sign

Cancers may appear shy, but don’t be fooled. They very much enjoy pursuing their crushes and like to take charge in relationships. Cancer may be the homemaker of the zodiac, but they are incredibly freaky. They’re intrigued by power and domination in bed, so ask them how they feel about BDSM.

Don’t be afraid to queef, fart, sweat, squirt, or slurp around them. These things don’t turn them on per se, but something about the messy side of sex just makes them feel giddy. If something is noisy, wet, and messy, Cancer thinks it’s a good time.

Highly emotional people, Cancers find sex to be a deeply transformative act. It’s a physical expression of love that not only brings them closer to their lover, but also helps them process the many complicated feelings they experience. It’s a chance to relax, tune out the outside world, and connect with their partner (or with themself through masturbation), which is an important experience for them.

Big boobs, little boobs, perky butts, giant butts, pecs and calves, peach fuzz and hairy patches are all good! The crab loves bodies and everything about them. Smother them with your body and they’ll likely be into it.

Crabs have a fantastic imagination, and this translates to the bedroom as well. Get whimsical! Whether it’s a vampire snacking on its prey’s blood or runaways who have joined the circus and are cuddling together on a cold night on the road, Cancers get a thrill out of role-play, and on exploring power dynamics, too, so bust out the sexy disciplinary attitude.

Submissive Cancers enjoy being teased—both in the sense of being humiliated as well as orgasm control. Dominant Cancers enjoy rope bondage and handcuffs as well as 24/7 lifestyles—think, a collar around the neck at dinnertime. Invoke their crab claws by experimenting with nipple clamps, and while you are at the sex toy shop, pick up some restraints and lube (the wetter the better!). Kinky Cancer is up for nearly anything!

Sex on the beach is not just a drink but an act that this Water sign would enjoy. They often feel at home by the water, and we all know how much Cancer values their home life. The body parts associated with the crab are the chest, breasts, and stomach, so caress them tenderly and kiss them on these spots.

Passionate make-up sex is fine with the crab, but if you pick a new fight while you’re under the sheets, don’t expect it to ramp up the energy. Cautious Cancer will get defensive during intimate moments.

Cancers are touchy, unless it’s during a consensual scene, so don’t criticize them, even playfully, if you’re hoping to have sex soon. “You look a little bloated” is definitely not an opening line to lead with!

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