Scorpio Personality

A fallen tree rots by a pond, decomposing . . . but life thrives in the decay. Small animals find shelter and food, and these tiny animals become food for bigger ones. The bigger ones die, and the cycle continues. All endings are beginnings. Scorpio knows this.

A psychic, emotional, and creative Water sign, Scorpio is a fixed sign, meaning they fall in the middle of a season—in this instance, autumn. The waters are still, like amniotic fluid protecting new life, which is being formed. There’s a level of control to Scorpio, but also creativity.

Traditionally ruled by Mars, Scorpio knows that endings must take place. This sign’s modern planetary ruler is Pluto—a transformation always follows an ending. And don’t forget: Power. Both these planets have plenty of it, as does the little scorpion, whose intense sting is something to be cautious of.

At Their Best
Highly focused and determined, perceptive Scorpio gets what they want. A magnetic and sexual being who oozes power, Scorpio makes things happen. Major transformations take place thanks to their efforts. Patient, inquisitive, and analytical, they are superb researchers. Fantastic listeners, they know how to keep a secret and are happy to help you psychoanalyze the motives behind anyone you’re having a problem with. A deep and meaningful conversation is only a phone call away when you can call Scorpio your friend.

At Their Worst
As jealous, resentful, vengeful bridge burners who aren’t afraid to embarrass, bankrupt, or ruin themself (or you), for Scorpio the ends justify the means, especially if you’ve fucked them over. Paranoid, they’re often in crisis mode, responding to any perceived threat with hypersensitivity, and lashing out. Forget about defensive—the scorpion can be straight up offensive. This sign is very secretive, and you may never know the truth about how they feel; alternatively, you could sit down for a seemingly innocent coffee date only to be thoroughly criticized, called out, and put down. As cool as they can come across, they do get overwhelmed by their emotions. For every manipulative Scorpio out there, there’s one that’s gullible, willing to believe anything that confirms their ideas about themself and the world.

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