Aquarius Yearly Horoscope – Moon Sign – Year 2021

For Aquarius Moon sign, one can choose the first letter of their name from the following

Goo, Ge, Go, Daa, Saa, See, Soo, Se, So

Aquarius is the eleventh sign of the Zodiac and is related to the Air element. If your Moon sign is Aquarius then you are an intelligent and peace loving being. You admire loyalty and have independent creative viewpoint. You will generally have to work hard in almost every aspect of life but success is assured. You have strong intuition power as well.

Family life in 2021

This year is not considered favorable and the transit of Jupiter and Saturn in the twelfth house will only give adverse results. There will be no peace in your family life and disharmony with family members cannot be ruled out. You may also have strained relations with your friends and relatives. There will be a lot of stress these days and you may not want to get involved in family matters at all. You may have to live away from your family during this time period also. Do not allow any outsider to interfere in your family life as it can cause problems in the near future and practice meditation to find peace in life.

Married life in 2021

Not a good period for you to enjoy your married life and things remain disturbed for most part of the year. There will be unnecessary heated arguments that should be avoided. Your temperament will only make things worse this year and your health can be affected. You also need to take care of your spouse, especially during the months from August to October 2021.

Love life in 2021

You will have a disturbed love life for most of the year and so this year also is not good regarding love matters. Unnecessary arguments and quarrels will spoil the peace and sweetness of your relation and you will find it difficult to fix it back. Although marriage is a possibility, you will face delays and obstructions in finalizing the proposals. It would be better that you keep check on your ego and do not let things get worse due to the same.

Profession or Business in 2021

This year is unfavorable regarding your professional life and you will remain worried for the most of it. Your seniors may be too demanding and they will not be satisfied with your performance at work. You may have differences with your seniors as well as colleagues which will cause mental stress. You may even lose your job during this time period. Your failures at work will develop bad temper in you and you will become jealous of others. There can be some allegations too and though you may get an opportunity to go abroad, results will not be fruitful. Try to avoid any quarrel and do not get into any legal matter during this time.

Money matters in 2021

There will be unnecessary expenditure and less savings this year. Much of your money will be spent on medicines this time. You will face troubles in property matters and disputes regarding the same will keep you tensed. There is possibility of theft as well and you may have to suffer major loss due to this. You will remain troubled due to money matters throughout the year.

Health in 2021

Your health will remain a cause of concern for most of the year and this year is not favorable in providing you with sound health. You will have to deal with joint problems, and sleep disorders will exaggerate your mental stress and worries. You may also have to suffer from problems related to eyes and legs. If you already have heart or blood related issues then take special care, especially during the months of September/October 2021.

Education in 2021

You may not see much progress this year in education due to lack of concentration and interest. You will be stressful due to your inefficiency in studies and during the months from August to October 2021, you may remain irritated.

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