Cancer Yearly Horoscope – Moon Sign – Year 2021

For Cancer Moon sign, one can choose the first letter of their name from the following

Hee, Hoo, He, Ho, Daa, Dee, Doo, De, Do

Cancer is the fourth, one of the watery signs of the Zodiac. If your Moon sign is Cancer then you are an emotional and kind person with a strong external appearance. Because this sign is ruled by the Moon you may suffer from mood swings and will need some dear ones to take important decisions for you in your life. You enjoy the company of others and are always there for them in their need.

Family life 2021

The initial part of year will be favorable for family life and you will enjoy support from them. You will have a strong social circle during this time and females will favor you mostly. But as soon as the first quarter ends, things will start changing and you will feel lack of enthusiasm, particularly due to the circumstances around you. You have to be alert and take care of the valuables as this time period indicates loss too. Relations with your in-laws can become stressed and health of your spouse can also become a reason for concern. Children’s health can also get affected during the last month of the year. There will be heavy expenditures during the mid of the year which will make you irritable and temperamental. This will affect your family life adversely. Try to avoid unnecessary arguments and avoid the company of unwanted and unsocial people. Period after August 2021 can bring some relief and positive changes in life.

Married life in 2021

Your married life experience will not be satisfactory during this year. Although the first quarter of the year is favorable, there will not be complete realization of the benefits. In spite of all the support from the spouse, you will feel the coldness in the relations. The period from April to August 2021 may give adverse results as during this time period Jupiter will transit in the eighth house. If you are already married then you should take special care during this time period. You may be surrounded by evil persons who would take advantage of the situations. The health of the spouse may also be the cause of the concern. Try to maintain cordial relations with your spouse this time period. After August 2021, your relations will get better and positivity in life will increase. There can be birth of child as well.

Love life in 2021

You will get mixed results during this year. The initial part of the year is good and will prove favorable for you if you plan on getting married. You will maintain good relations with your partner. But things get rough during the middle months of the year. This time may cause your relations to become strained. Definitely not a favorable time to get married and marriage proposals may get delayed too. It is only from the month of September 2021 that you start experiencing positive changes in life.

Profession or Business in 2021

This year is not favorable for you at your professional front. The initial months may seem to be normal but as the time passes and your reach midyear, your professional life will become difficult. You may also lose your job. You life will become stressful and your seniors will not be happy with your performance. Your promotion can be delayed and people may try to defame you with any opportunity they get. Stay careful with such tactics. Still, you can expect some positive changes in the last month of the year. If you are a businessman or woman then you can expect positive results only in the first quarter of the year. In other months, your relations with your business partners can get disturbed and there can be some misunderstandings.

Money matters in 2021

In financial matters also this year cannot be considered favorable and your financial problems will keep you worried. Though the beginning of the year can show positive results, you may have to borrow loan to meet your financial needs later on. Months from April to August 2021 may prove to give adverse results. Try not to lend loan to someone else as it can get really difficult to recover the same.

Health in 2021

Health will become the cause of concern this year. You can have sleep disorder due to increased stress and expenditures. You will feel fatigue due to overwork and there can be body pain as well. You may also suffer from stomach and liver related ailments.

Education in 2021

Although the beginning of the year appears to be favorable, the students will have to face hardships in education. This year will not give you desired results and your concentration will become weak.

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