Taurus Yearly Horoscope – Moon Sign – Year 2021

For Taurus Moon sign, one can choose the first letter of their name from the following

Ee, Oo, Ae, O, Vaa, Vee, Voo, Ve, Vo


Taurus is one of the earth signs of the Zodiac. If your Moon sign is Taurus, you are an adventure loving and straight forward person. You are fond of opposite sex and are majorly influenced by the planet Venus. You are honest and like to enjoy all the comforts of life. You will be highly fond of art as well.

Family life in 2021

Since Jupiter will be transiting in the ninth house, this time can be said to be favorable. But even though you get support and cooperation from your family members, you will not be able to enjoy it due to your egoistic behavior. Because of your ego or aggression, your relations will not be as smooth. There can be minor misunderstandings making relations bitter. This will mostly happen in the first half of the year and in the last quarter, and to some extent in the first quarter, you can expect some positive results because of some religious activity at home.

Married life in 2021

While your married life will remain problematic for most of the year, the months  June, July and November 2021 can bring some positivity in your life. But for the rest of the year the results will be unfavorable. There will be misunderstandings in the relationship and neighbors may also create problems. You can have a harsh speech during this time period which can further spoil the situations. Also, there can be health issues concerning your spouse in the month of December 2021.

Love life in 2021

Your love life will be generally good this year. You may get married this year, especially in the first and last quarter of the year 2021, where you can get most opportunities, subject to the strength of Jupiter in the natal chart. The middle part of the year can be troublesome to some extent and there is a need to keep check of your egoistic behavior, that can further create hurdles.

Profession or Business in 2021

You will start this year with great energy and the initial months of this year will prove to be auspicious for your professional life. But as the year passes, difficulties and hurdles start to rise and soon there will be adverse atmosphere at the workplace. You will become stressful and can face some issues with your seniors and colleagues too. It is advisable that you keep check on your aggression and try to maintain harmonious relations with everyone. If you are a businessman or woman, the last months of 2021 can be a bit challenging. Try not to spoil your relations with your partners and keep patience while dealing with them. For investment in stocks, first and last quarter of 2021 will be favorable.

Money matters in 2021

There can be unnecessary or unavoidable expenditures and lack of sources of income during the initial months of this year. The results will be somewhat average this year except in the months of July/August and October/ November 2021, where you can expect some relief. Try to save money as much as possible this time period.

Health in 2021

Generally the first half and last month of this year can create problems regarding your health. In the first half of 2021 you will remain stressful and restless and there is possibility of food poisoning also. While there can be some injuries in the last month of 2021.

Education in 2021

In the year 2021 students will get mixed results. They will perform better in the first quarter of the year but will soon lose interest as time passes. Still you somehow manage the situation during the final months of the year. Try to be in good company of friends and take guidance of some experienced person when needed. Appearing for competitive exams during October/November will prove beneficial for you.

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