Do you want to know what is the composition of Pitta, Vata & Kapha in your body ?


Have you ever wondered why you seem to get sick more often than your friends and colleagues, even when you are exposed to the same circumstances? Whether it’s due to seasonal changes in weather or a viral illness, you may find yourself getting sick frequently. The recent outbreak of the Corona virus has affected some people severely while others have been able to avoid it altogether. What factors contribute to differences in immunity between individuals? What synergies play a role in maintaining good health?


In order to answer this question, it is important to have an understanding of your body composition and biological energies, which play a significant role in both physical and mental processes.


Ayurveda recognizes three doshas, or energies, which are believed to be present in every individual in varying ratios. These doshas are vata, kapha, and pitta, with one usually dominating over the others. Your unique dosha ratio is said to determine your Ayurvedic constitution, which can guide you in achieving optimal health. For example, you may be predominantly pitta or vata, or you may have a combination of both with one being more dominant, such as vata-pitta. In rare cases, all three doshas may be present in equal amounts, known as tridosha.


The source of these doshas are the five elements of nature and their associated characteristics. Vata is composed of space and air, Kapha of fire and water, and Pitta of earth and water. Ayurvedic doctors typically designate these doshas based on your individual characteristics.


Birth-charts and Doshas

But, it is possible to discover your Ayurdosha by providing your birth date, time, and place. AstroNidan is the first to offer this feature, allowing you to check your unique code of identification based on your Kundali. This can help you gain a better understanding of yourself and identify any imbalances in your system. Doshas are a reliable tool for self-discovery and can be used to correct any issues that may arise.

The first ever advanced Ayurdosha report has been made freely accessible through at AstroNidan website with years of research.

Where you can check your unique identity of body composition and energy with synergy to celestial bodies or planets just from your Birth date time and place.

These reports are prepared using your birth chart and its analysis, houses in the chart, planets in each house, planetary aspects and conjugations with advance technology like deep machine learning algorithms and Artificial Intelligence.

Disease Predictions and Recommendations

By sharing details about your health condition, the website can provide customized suggestions that can lead to various health benefits, such as an enhanced quality of life, physical fitness, and stress management.

In terms of diet, Ayurveda recommends choosing foods that are suitable for your specific dosha. For example, individuals with pitta dosha should avoid activities that intensify the element of fire. Ayurveda also advises taking additional actions to balance your dosha and promote overall well-being.

This website offers personalized recommendations for enhancing your physical, emotional, and overall well-being based on your specific health condition.

Why you need to know your Ayur-dosha report?



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