Best Vastu-Shastra Tips

Best Vastu-Shastra Tips For Healthy & Prosperous Home

if you believe in Vastu shastra and are looking to buy a new home, you can keep reading. With independent houses, it is even a easier to adhere to simple Vastu for the home. Since you have the choice to build it from the ground up, read on to learn how to get a Vastu-friendly for home.

Many staunch believers in the Vastu-shastra claim, that building a home without including Vastu tips for home poses a risk to both the structure and the occupants also. Disregards for divine authority places a household in grave danger; an intense fight against life’s conflicts brings severe complications. Several the followers believe that it is never too late to stick to Vastu-shastra values and make amends with the aid of progressive, corrective in measures and Vastu shastra for house building.

The Amazing Vastu Planning For House

While building a house, there are some Vastu planning for your sweet home that should be kept in mind

1) Vastu-Shastra Tips For Windows and Doors:

They should always face east, according to the house facing Vastu Doors and windows may be positioned to the northeast/east of the northeast/or north of the northeast. This positioning allows for a positive flow of energy into the room. A side from heavy a adornments, it is suggested that a swastika symbol be mounted on doors.

As per Vastu house planning, there should be two entrances. They should not to be aligned, and the one used as an exit should be smaller and have only one Louvre.

According to the home’s main door Vastu, the main entrance should have two shutters because it is the enormous door in the building. Teak is a highly provocative to material for making doors because it has a good balance.

2)Vastu-Shastra Tips For Living Room:

The Living rooms are a common feature of any house and are typically located in the front of the building. They can be as comprehensive or as monumental as the user desires. As per Vastu-shastra for home, living rooms are ranked as the highest priority. However, when inside the room, keep in mind the direction that the dweller will face. Facing East yields give better results while facing North yields better results if the living room is in the front rather than the middle.

According to Vastu-shastra planning for a house, avoid making the living room in the west or south direction from the front room. These directions do not produce the appropriate  a vibrations of cosmic energy.

You may have had more than one door in the living room as you are in the right direction and in line with Vastu. Besides, a elegance and finesse of this room must be maintained as it fosters a lifestyle of negligible strife and greater joy.

3) Vastu-shastra Tips For Bedroom: Power & Authority

According to Bedroom Vastu-shastra, the Male Family members’ dormitories are directed to the west and northwest of a building, as they have a power and authority.

The women’s family members should have their dormitories and windows facing south or southeast to ensure good health and happiness.

According to Vastu-shastra planning for a house, the master bedroom is recommended to go south-east.

According to the extensive vastu tips for the master bedroom in the southwest direction, the bedrooms preferably locate children who are married. Often, the master bedroom should be on the second floor if it is a multi-story house. The children’s space, however, should not be on the same level/area as problems. It is a poor odds to have a space for couples with a view to the east.

4) Vastu-shastra Planning For Children Rooms

The vastu-shastra has some suggestive measures on how the children’s bedrooms are decorated and placed. The following are:

Children’s bedrooms are recommended in the eastern or northwest direction of a house,

The north and east directions in children’s rooms should be kept a empty.

The sleeping areas should be to the south, west / southwest.

Their heads should face east and their feet west, as wisdom and memory energies a should flow in those directions.

5) Vastu-shastra Design For Bathroom:

The bathroom Vastu says that the ideal position for having the bathrooms are west and south, and north-east drainage as the sun is directly on the body after bathing in these positions.

The toilet should be located in the west or northwest of the room at levels 30 to 60 cm according to the Vastu shastra of the bathroom.

The bathroom should be situated at the western or northwest corner if it is an attachment to the house.

According the broad bathroom tips, baths and sinks are ideally situated on the northeast, north and east side of the bathroom.

6) Vastu-shastra Design For Dining Room

According to the Vastu for house, the kitchen should be near the dining room, and the home should be in the southwest, northwest, and northeast direction. It is advisable to build a dining room in the west order of a building to encourage profitability.

According to the Vastu-shastra dining room, the kitchen in the southwest corner of the home is to be avoided, as it hinders economic development and damages the owner’s health.

According to Vastu-shastra tips for the dining table, the table must be in the middle and not the southwest corner of your building.

Different floors should not be installed in the kitchen or dining room as it is challenging to transfer food from one foot to another.

7)Pooja House As Per Vastu-shastra House Planning:

The pooja room should be located a northeast of the building.

According to the pooja room Vastu, the idol’s height should be between 9 and 2 inches.

In the pooja room, the doors and windows should be situated either on the north or east side.

The kind a should be rendered in the southwest direction for the adoration of the Fire Lord.

A pooja room should not be built in a bedroom, against a wall, or next to a bathroom wall as per the Pooja Vastu shastra.

8) Vastu-Shastra Home Design For Study Room

According to Vastu, for house, the best place to study is in a quiet spot, preferably in the north-eastern direction. Place it next to the puja or prayer room to make the room more functional. Besides, space must face East or north.

According to study room architecture, the library should face west and never be in a corner, and the bookshelves should face East, north, or west rather than north, northeast, or west.

According to Vastu, a study room must have a two-shuttered door located in the North, Northeast, or West directions of the space, and windows a located in the East, North, or West directions of the room.

9) Vastu-Shastra Planning For Kitchen

According to the Vastu-shastra, the position of the kitchen should preferably be in the southeast or north-west direction, and cooking should be done eastwards. Please avoid using the kitchen on the north-eastern border of the home as it carries bad energy and sparks family feuds.

According to Vastu-shastra, the washing area in the kitchen should be facing north-eastern and away from the stove, as it prevents harmony and love within the household.

According to Vastu-shastra, the kitchen must not be located in the north-eastern corner of the home because it causes conflict among family members.

Storage shelves must face south or west—especially the heavy one.

10) Vastu-Shastra For Balconies, Verandah & Portico

According to Vastu-shastra, balconies and Portico should be facing northeast from the home because they reflect good health and prosperity for the veranda and balcony.

If the house is already built in the south-western direction, the balcony position must be changed according to Vastu-shastra by enveloping it with glass fixtures.

The Vastu-shastra of the balcony suggests that the roof or shade of the patio be at a lower level than the floor of the main home.

According to entrance Vastu-shastra, a good balcony or veranda is described by the presence of a slightly tinted roof over it, with carefully structured is corners that are not entirely round.

11) Staircase Vastu-Shastra:

A staircase in the house is regarded as a costly and labour-intensive construction. According to Vastu, If one must have it on the roof, the staircase should face the south or west side of the house. They use the northern or eastern directions as staircases are considered a disadvantageous because it causes tension between heavy objects and lighter building zones.

However, here is some staircase Vastu-shastra tips to help you prevent any confusion when placing the staircases:

The total number of stairs must never end in empty, for example, 10, 20,… and so on. Stairs must also not end with an even the number. This is because stairs ending in an actual number support the left foot, representing loss or ill-fate, and stairs ending in an odd number promote the right foot, which means good luck.

Vastu-shastra for home stairs advises against making a circular staircase.

According to Vastu-shastra tips for home stairs, the gateway of a room that meets the top of the staircase must be at least 20 cms closer than the one that meets the bottom of the stairs.

12) Vastu-Shastra For House Construction

Building a house is a major undertaking, and many problems arise during the process. To address these problems, Vastu-shastra prescribes strict guidelines to be observed when building a house. If you obey these basic guidelines, you will be able to comfortably deal with financial and government approvals problems.

If you have already purchased a plot for your new house but are unable to begin construction for whatever reason, have the central portion of the land cleaned and a slope built to the north or east.

When entering the storey, always enter from the direction in which you want to build your main gate.

To achieve success, and stability, all four paths for the plot should be 90 degrees. It is not considered well if every corner other than the North-East is larger than the regular corners.

Never store sand, bricks, or other building materials in the North-East direction while construction is underway. This might stymie building and cause some issues.

Water is a source of wealth and plenty. The location with water underneath it, according to Vastu Shastra, never runs out of money. As a result, once you’ve decided on a location, make sure to set up a water tank in the north or northeast direction after the Bhoomi-pooja is completed.

Begin laying the base for the home from the northeast and work the way to the southwest. The pillars and walls should be built first towards the West or South so that they are still higher than the rest of the structure.

Request that the contractor stops storing his building equipment in the North-West. This can result in mis-understandings, job delays, and irregularities.

Before constructing the RCC or ceiling, ensure that it is built first in the south or west direction and then in the northwest direction. This guarantees that the job is completed on time and under budget.

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