How Can Astrology Provide Insight into Failing Relationships?


In astrology, the causes of marital problems and break up are generally scrutinised by considering the positions of planets and the charts of each partner, as well as the Sages’ viewpoint of a variety of weaknesses (Doshas), such as Mangal Dosha or Kaal Sarpa Dosha. Matrimonies in astrology are regarded very important and significant, and the couple’s lives not only theirs, but also their previous karmas and destinies. 

Let us analyse the variety of causes which could disrupt a marriage or cause problems in it:

Planetary Positions and Compatibility:

As Vedic astrology suggests, the planet’s positions at the time of an individual’s natal chart, especially in the context of marriage, is essential for interpreting one’s transits. The harmony of the horoscopes of two partners is judged and is given the highest importance. If there’s no harmonious levels of energy called chemistry or negative stellar influences, the couple can have problems on a personal level and eventually the marriage collapses.

Mangal Dosha and Other Doshas:

From the birth chart, the area on Mars position in certain houses is called Mangal Dosha if difficulties due to marriage are perceived. On the other hand, profound effects of mandatory Doshas like Kaal Sarpa Dosh, dependent on the placement of Rahu and Ketu on the planet occupying the middle position between the two. The remedies stated for the doshas, at times, may include specific rituals or prayers to come out of their aggression.

Malefic Planetary Influences:

The planets that are said to create conflicts in marriage especially Saturn (Shani), Mars (Mangal) and Rahu-Ketu are considered as influential in causing marital disputes. These relationships with one’s horoscope or planets in specific positions can represent difficulties in marriage. Maybe the impact of Saturn in the 7th house can manifest in not being ready or having hindrances in the marriage relation.

Dasha and Transit Effects:

One of the major principles of Vedic astrology is that the planets influence events in our lives not only through placing them in houses but also through considering their status in dashas (planetary periods) and transit effects. Such periods can bring troubles or retribution if there is any negative dashas active during some crucial events of the marriage. Conversely, bad transits causing the 7th house or its lord to experience difficulty are indications of the problem in marital life at that time.

Remedial Measures:

Vedic astrology provides many different types of remedial measures that can bring harmony in the waves of different planets’ effects on marriage. These can be done by doing prescribed rituals such as wearing as gifted gemstones, chanting specific words, praying/chanting mantras, and arranging fire rituals for asking favor from planetary deities. Indeed, the effect of these remedies can be quite diverse, and their fame often is based on the fact that they are viewed not as a panacea but as supportive measures.

Vedic Mantras and Chants:

By performing, in particular, Vedic mantra reciting or chanting to planets’ deities this will, not only, calm the malefic influences but also the creation of conjugal harmony will be boosted. The Mantra includes encouraging words like the Gayatri Mantra, Navagraha Mantras, or the mantra specific to the planet like the mantra for the planet Mars (Om Angara Kaya Namaha). These mantras are considered as a way of veiling the power of the planets with which it resonates by telling them every day as a part of a spiritual routine.

Charity and Donation:

Through giving and donations, given the planetary significations, to charitable causes, can thus, besides rid the person of negative karma, could also facilitate marital harmony. To cite few examples, donating food to the needy (correlated with Moon) or offering to educational charities (corresponding to Jupiter) will work to alleviate the evil effect of malefic planets and help to develop harmonious relationships Dedicating oneself to doing charity with a pure heart and straightforwardness can lead to an awakening of blessings and positive energies.

Fasting and Observances:

Joint meditation exercises or fasting periods devoted to worshipping certain gods and planets can help cleanse negative energies and unify the bonds of marriage. The practice of fasting on designated days corresponds to planetary significations, including Mondays for the Moon and Thursdays for Jupiter. In theory, it can be advantageous. Besides, the observance of Karva Chauth, the ritual where married women practise fasting that is symbolic of their wishes for longevity and well-being of their spouses, is believed to stabilise and strengthen marital relationships.


Ultimately, the Vedic astrology’s uses are about the complex interplay of the factors that are responsible for creating the marital harmony or discord between couples. Even though planetary dispositions and celestial influences are critical factors, they are not the only ones that decide a marriage to be a success. It is not the complicated mechanisms that are crucial, but rather the links that deal with communication, understanding, and mutual respect that are fundamentally the most important element. In this regard, exploring both of the two realms (astrological and interpersonal) can help couples have productive and meaningful connections that surpass the boundaries of influences from stars.

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