Decoding Varna Koota: Exploring Social Compatibility in Ashtakoot Matching

Ashtakoot Matching

Varna Koota is a measure of social compatibility between partners. This factor is determined by using the zodiac sign of the Moon planet for each partner. Varna Koota is the first factor of the broader “Ashtakoota” compatibility analysis and is assigned a weight of 1 out of 36.

How is Varna Koota calculated?

Based on the Moon Sign of each individual, a Varna is assigned to the person. There are four varnas in Vedic astrology:

  1. Brahmin (Priestly class)
  2. Kshatriya (Warrior class)
  3. Vaishya (Merchant class)
  4. Shudra (Servant class)

The guideline for matching Varna Koota in Vedic Astrology states that a groom of higher varna should marry a bride of equal or lower varna for balance and harmony.

What is the significance of Varna Koota?

What are the exceptions assigned to Varna Koota?

What are the criticisms of Varna Koota?

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