Ketu Mahadasha

Ketu Mahadasha

The description of Ketu is not only given in Vedic astrology but also in Hindu mythology. Ketu is a character mentioned in Hindu scriptures and is responsible for making eclipses happen.

The story is that the head of the demon was named Rahu while the body was named Ketu. Since the nectar could reach only into the mouth, so the two could only remain immortal but their power is reduced. In order to plot revenge on Sun and Moon, they keep creating Solar and Lunar eclipses, which are not seen in good light by Hindus.

Ketu Mahadasha lasts for seven years and happens when the planet Ketu holds a significant control on a person’s life. The Ketu Mahadasha has both positive and negative effects, Ketu’s position in the birth chart and its relationship with other planets is the deciding factor behind it.

Ketu Mahadasha can very well be the time for spiritual evolution and transformation. It can also be the time to move on from the past experiences and embrace new beginnings. However, Ketu Mahadasha can also lead to immense stress and mental restlessness.

The Positive Effects of Ketu Mahadasha:

  • Those with positive Ketu positioning may find easiness in handling creative pursuits and may even find lots of success in it.
  • When the Ketu is favourable for a person it is said to bring spiritual growth and development. It is a great opportunity to connect with your inner self and find answers to the bigger questions in life.
  • As a person grows spiritually during this period they may find detachment from the worldly or materialistic possessions. 
  • The spiritual growth is often beneficial in providing the person a heightened sense of intuition and foresightedness.
  • Long life and career opportunities are other benefits which come along with Ketu Mahadasha. 

Negative effects of Ketu Mahadasha:

  • One of the major negative effects of Ketu Mahadasha is that of possible emotional outbursts and high stress levels. 
  • You can often make irrational and baseless decisions during this period and can often find yourself confused. 
  • There is a high possibility that you view your relationships from a view of contempt.
  • Ketu’s positioning in the wrong house can even lead to the losing of your loved one’s.
  • There is a possibility that you may go through a phase of isolation and melancholy due to detachment from your family members.

Although there are possible negative effects which could result due to Ketu Mahadasha there are remedies out there which will be highly beneficial for an individual to overcome them. Also the spiritual awakening which takes place during the Ketu Mahadasha is helpful in sailing through these possible mishaps.

Here are a few remedies which would definitely help you have a smooth sail through the Ketu Mahadasha:

  • One of the best measures you can take during the Ketu Mahadasha is the regular worshipping of Lord Ganesh. As you might know that Lord Ganesh is the God of new beginnings, wisdom and luck so praying to him will be highly beneficial during this time.
  • You should also consider giving away to charity during this time. It will be helpful to reduce the influence of Ketu.
  • Fasting can also be beneficial. Fasting on Tuesdays would be highly beneficial to reduce the influence of Ketu.
  • You should reduce the consumption of tamasik food which includes meat, garlic and onions. Along with that you should also reduce eating rice, wheat, or meat products, and consider breaking the fast in the evening by consuming coconut water, fruit, or with milk.


Therefore the Ketu Mahadasha which is a period of seven long years can be the time of some mental stress and agony yet it has the potential to bring a spiritual awakening which can ultimately lead to a heightened sense of awareness and intuition. One might feel that the Ketu Mahadasha is overwhelming due to the stress which might be experienced during it’s time however there are some very basic measures to be taken in order to fare well with this time. The measures include the worshipping of Lord Ganesh, weekly fasting on Tuesdays, participating in charities and being careful with the diet as in reducing the consumption of tamasik food. 

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