Aquarius Yearly Horoscope – Sun Sign – Year 2021

This year your career and Education will see average growth but you can expect an amazing experience in your married life and love life. However, you will have to see some setbacks regarding your finance and health. Your family life may cause you some stress also.


Family life in 2021

This year in family matters you may have to face some troubles because of Rahu, which is placed in your fourth house from the sign. You may have to go away from your family because of work and due to this, differences may develop. Your parents may suffer due to their ill-health and you will remain stressful because of the same. You may have to spend more of your money on your family to fulfil your responsibilities towards them. This year your family will need you more so it would be better for you to stay with them as much as possible.

Married life in 2021

Your married life will be blissful this year and You will get to enjoy the sweetness in your relationship. Your spouse will succeed in their profession and you both can plan a trip which will bring happiness in your life. The middle of the year can however create some tension between you two and there can be unwanted arguments that should be avoided. Your speech can become a reason for disputes so it is advisable that you choose your words wisely. This year is mostly good for your children and they would do great in their fields. However, they may suffer from some minor health issues and you both will have to stay cautious regarding the same.

Love life in 2021

This year will prove to be favorable for you regarding your love life and you may take some big decisions in your relationship this year. You may also tie the knot during the second half of the year. Though there will be much love between you two, the situations will demand you to put more efforts and make better understanding between you two for betterment of life. Overall, this year will be very auspicious.

Career in 2021

This year you will get average results regarding your career and there may be many ups and downs for you to see. The beginning of the year will be favorable for you and you will get the desired support and results in life. There may be successful job transfers as well. The mid-year is however troublesome but as the time passes you start to get good results again. The last month of this year will be highly beneficial for you and will make great profits in this time period.

Finance in 2021

Not a good year for you regarding your financial matters and your expenses will increase during this time period. You may also get into a financial crisis if your expenses are not controlled. If you are able to accumulate money in the initial months of the year then you may not face much troubles in latter part of it.

Health in 2021

Not a good year for you Health wise and you may suffer from various health-related problems. Your health may deteriorate due to acidity, cold, cough, joint pains etc. These health issues will hinder your performance in other work and so you should consult the respective doctor to get well soon. You will have to remain extra cautious during the middle part of the year, otherwise, things may get much worse.

Education in 2021

You will get better results this year than before and will succeed in your academics. You will gain courage and will feel much more confident about yourself. Your comprehension will be better and you will remain happy throughout the year. Still, if you are preparing for competitive exams then you may have to wait longer. Regarding your higher education, the results are favorable and you should keep working hard to gain much better results.

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