Pisces Yearly Horoscope – Sun Sign – Year 2021

This year will be favorable for you in the matters of family, marriage, career and education and your health will see some improvement from before. Your finances will stay average this year and there can be some ups and downs regarding the same. Take special care regarding your love life this year as things are not in your favor in love matters.


Family life in 2021

This will be a good year for you and will give favorable results regarding your family life. Your parents’ health will improve during this time period and previous disputes in the family will get resolved. The atmosphere will be much pleasant than before. However, the middle of the year can bring some problems in your family life and much money will be spent on your family members, that may cause disturbance in your relations.

Married life in 2021

A very favorable year for you and there will be an increase in love and affection between you two. You will generally remain happy during this time. The first quarter of the year will be favorable for you and your married life will be prosperous. But situation can get a bit challenging in the month of September where some disputes may arise in your relationship. You have to be more cautious during these days. Regarding your children, this year is beneficial for them and they will succeed in their undertakings. If you are without children then you may get some good news as well.

Love life in 2021

You will get below average results this year due to the aspect of Saturn on your fifth house. There will be ups and downs in your love life from the beginning of the year itself. As the time passes, Jupiter’s positive aspect will help you get married with your beloved and you may also get the support of the family for the same. Although disputes will be there, your love is seen to increase for each other. Try to avoid any ego clashes or else things can get worse.

Career in 2021

For your career, this will be a favorable year for you and you will get the desired support of your colleagues and seniors. You will succeed in your undertakings and your relations with others at workplace will also improve. Luck will favor you mostly and your hard work will yield results. You may also go on a work-related trip during the months of April to September and will also make good profit from it. There will be successful job transfers and you may also get the chance to travel abroad this year.

Finance in 2021

Financially you will get mixed results. Your financial condition will improve as Saturn is placed in your eleventh house from your Zodiac sign. Your financial accumulation will be much better this year and during the first quarter of the year, you will gain more. However, during the middle part of the year, your expenses will increase and your financial condition will weaken. You may also buy a new property or vehicle this year. Gains from your partner can also be expected.

Health in 2021

This year your health will be better than before but can face minor issues during the mid-year. During this time, you will have to remain a bit cautious and take necessary precautions or you may also consult a doctor. Things are seen to improve for you after this time but some minor issues may develop during the final months of the year because of bad eating habits. Follow a healthy lifestyle during this year and avoid junk food as much as possible.

 Education in 2021

This year can be considered favorable for you and even though you may not feel good in the very beginning, things are seen to improve from January end. You will have the necessary energy and focus to complete the work at hand and understand any subject. You will reap the good results of your hard work and Jupiter’s aspect on your fifth house will improve your overall performance in your academics. If you are preparing for competition exams then you can expect much better results and will get much better marks than before. Regarding your higher education, things are favorable for you and you may also get the desired opportunity to travel abroad on study basis.

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