Sagittarius Yearly Horoscope – Sun Sign – Year 2021

This is a very favorable year for you in most of the matters of life but your love life will cause you troubles. You may get emotional and take wrong decisions in your love life. Otherwise everything else is great. Family, marriage, career, finance, health and education will all see positive growth this year.



Family life in 2021

This year will prove to be favorable for you regarding family matters and all the previous misunderstandings in the family will get resolved and will end this year. A religious program or any other function may be held at your home and because of the presence of all the relatives, the environment will lighten up. There may be marriage at your home of someone of suitable age and you may also renovate your house during this time period. You will get the support of your family members. Your father will be there for you whenever in need and his health will be better this year as well. You may also plan a trip with your relatives.

Married life in 2021

This can prove to be a very auspicious year for you and time will remain favorable throughout the year. The initial months may bring some health-related troubles to your spouse, but with your full support, things are seen to get well soon. The love between you two will increase and you can also go on a trip, which will prove to be highly beneficial. Your bond will become stronger and you would like to share everything with your partner. Although there may be some troubles during the month of April and May, things will turn out to be in your favor for most of the time. Your children will excel in every field too and this will bring in more happiness.

Love life in 2021

Not a favorable year for you regarding your love life. No doubt there will be love and affection, but arguments and disputes are not ruled out. You will have a hard time controlling your emotions and your life decisions will get affected due to the same. You may plan a trip with your partner during the month of February and will make every effort in resolving your disputes. The month of March can get a bit challenging as your temper will remain high during that time and you will most probably need to keep check on your words. Also, do not let any third person interfere in your relationship if you want smooth transaction of life.

Career in 2021

This year will be favorable for you in regards to you career and you will attain success at your workplace. During this time period you will get the support of you seniors and colleagues and you will be able to make progress in your career more efficiently. You will be full of energy this time period and you will be able to complete every work at hand. You may also get the desired job transfer and the months of May and August seem favorable for the same. Due to your excellent performance at your work place you may get promoted and you may also travel abroad due to work related matter, especially in the month of November, which will prove beneficial for you. If you are a businessman/woman, you will see profits coming your way this year and you will receive help from your partners in gaining more.

Finance in 2021

Your financial condition will remain strong and you may see some big chances in your financial life this year. Due to the presence of Saturn in the second house, you will make immense financial gains. The first half of the year is generally very auspicious for you. You will be at peace and will have all the comforts of life. However, as the year comes to end, your expenses are seen to rise sharply which you should take care of by making strategies and various financial plans.

Health in 2021

Overall, this year will be good for you regarding your health but there will be minor problems. Due to aspect of Ketu in the twelfth house, you may suffer for minor problems like fever, cold etc. but will remain in a much better shape than previous year. Try to be at places with good hygienic conditions and you will feel at peace.

Education in 2021

This year will prove to be highly beneficial for you and you will make excellent progress at your academic front. You will succeed in your competitive exams this year due to the presence of Rahu in the sixth house from your Zodiac sign. If you wish to go abroad on study basis, then your wish may come true in the months of September and December. It is advisable that you keep your health in check and eat nutritious food so that your ill health doesn’t become a hindrance in your studies.

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