Scorpio Yearly Horoscope – Sun Sign – Year 2021

This year you will get average results mostly but your financial status and education will be better. Your married life, love life, career and health will see many ups and downs and can cause some stress. Talking about your family life, deteriorating health of your parents and other challenges in life can cause some stress to you.



Family life in 2021

This cannot be considered a very favorable year for you and you may have to face various challenges this year. Your parents’ health is most likely to deteriorate and life will become stressful because of that. The beginning of the year can be troublesome and due to decline in health of your father, he can become quite aggressive. However, the middle of the year is favorable and you can expect some good results. There can be an auspicious event organized at your home and with the presence of your relatives and guests, the environment will remain cheerful. You may also get to travel with your family. Overall, this year, you should take care of your parents’ health and fulfil all your responsibilities towards them and this will in turn help in making the home environment peaceful.

Marriage in 2021

This year you will get mixed results regarding your marital life and can undergo some major changes as well. Due to the presence of Rahu in the seventh house from Zodiac sign, Chances are high for disputes and stress between you and your spouse this year. There can be verbal arguments at times and your health may also deteriorate during this time period. This will affect your marriage and these disturbances will cause you lack of peace in life. During this time period you should try to resolve disputes between you two and clear all misunderstandings for smooth transaction of life. However, your relationship with your children will improve which will make your spouse happy. Your children will make progress in life and their achievement will elevate your status in the society. You may also plan a trip with your life partner during the month of August and your married life will remain pleasant during this time.

Love life in 2021

This year is not much favorable for you and you will see many ups and downs during this time period. If you are single then you will see delay in getting into relationship, due to aspect of Saturn on the fifth house this year. If you have a partner then the emotions will run deep between you two. However, there can be some misunderstandings which you should take care of and do not let any third person interfere in your relationship. You may also have to go away from your partner unwillingly which can cause some sadness in life. Try to share everything with your partner which will make your bond strong and after the month of September, you may also tie the knot with your beloved.

Career in 2021

Career wise this year you may have to face some troubles, especially because of your procrastinating attitude. Because of this bad habit, you may not be able to complete the task at hand on time and will have to face multiple challenges at your work place. The first half of the year is generally troublesome and you will have to work very hard and pay much more attention to achieve your objectives. Try to have a plan for better execution of your work and do not do anything illegal. The period after July will turn out to be favorable for you and you will start getting results of your hard work. If you are already employed then you can get a job transfer of your desire and you may also get a chance to travel abroad. If you are a businessman/woman, this year will be favorable for you and luck will be on your side for the most part of it.

Finance in 2021

Financially, this year is good for you. In the beginning of the year there may be high expenditure but things get better soon. Any money related pending court case will turn out to be in your favor. Your financial position will remain strong this year and apart from minor problems, everything will be in your favor. However, you may have trouble accumulating your wealth and during the months of April to September, your expenditure on your desires would increase. The months of July and August will be highly favorable for you and any auspicious program can also be organized at home.

Health in 2021

This year you will get mixed results and you need to take some precautions too to stay healthy and fit. The first half of the year will not be favorable for you and due to presence of Ketu in your sign, there will be troubles regarding your health. These diseases, if not taken care of, can cause long term problems. It is advisable that you try to avoid fried or junk food this year to remain healthy. If necessary, do not hesitate to consult a doctor. The second half of the year will prove to be favorable for you and you will get good results.

Education in 2021

This year can turn out to be favorable for you but you will have to put in much hard work. You may have to seek the help of your teachers in order to succeed in your studies which you should do so. If you are preparing for competitive exams then chances are high for you to attain success this year. For getting higher education also, this year will be favorable and you may also get a chance to go abroad on study basis.

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