The Tarot Card Meaning

We are learning spiritual Study we meet in our lives can be in the seventy-eight Tarot cards. And when we are consult the Tarot, we ’ll get shown the exact example we need to study, learn and master to live an inspired life. It’s like a holding up a glass to yourself so that you can pierce your subconscious mind and valve into the wisdom that lives in us all.

The Origin Tarot Card

The origin of tarot card is still vague, but records of its symbolism have been plant as far back as Ancient Egypt and China. It is also linked to the emergence and popularization of the magical practices around the Middle Periods. And although the craft of witches and healers had numerous times of persecution, we indeed moment the tarot is alive and evolving. With our books on tarot,
you’ll be suitable to continue your exploration on the subject.
Applicability of the Tarot
all Moment, it’s considered a scientific tool that seeks to help people find answers and/ or results to pivotal problems and difficulties in their lives. The part of the tarot card anthology is to guide them along the unique path, according to the exposures attained from the sundeck of cards. In this sense, the tarot sheds light on undetermined internal or external aspects of the querent.


The new phase of life begins, a threat must be taken, a need to abandon the old and start commodity new. New gests, particular growth, development. The discovery of bents.
The magic card are person or possibilities. New chops are available, implicit is growing, openings

. adventures unfolding. 
The empress card of fertility and growth. There may be a birth coming or a new growth in life. Marriage/ Relationship/ Gestation/ Tolerance/
A need to make commodity solid, to solidify an idea, to make commodity with a establishment structure.Authority/ Control/ Dominance. Man of power, an employer or a tyrannous joker.
5) THE HIGH Goddess CARD
A time for reflection, allowing secrets to be revealed, showing implicit cornucopia
. as yet unfulfilled. Pay attention to your dreams and suspicion. Where the magician is each about
possibilities, the High Priestess is each about truly understanding those possibilities.
6) THE Herald CARD
Need for spiritual purpose, the hunt for a particular gospel. Increased studying and

literacy. Humility/ Tutoring/ Getting through deeply shocking and delicate situations.
This card can occasionally suggest marriage or a serious turn towards religion.
7) THE Suckers CARD
A love affair with a trial or choice with card attached. This card indicates that these opinions or choices

are incredibly to important and significant so it’s essential that you choose the right path. True
cooperation. The tarot card is each about choices, intimately rather than by the use of intellect.
The Chariot card Conflict within also Struggles and battles into the Implicit for palm/ Resolution of quarrels/ Moving forward/ Overcoming opposition through a confidence, the Control and Determination Trip.
The justice card need a for clarity of mind, unprejudiced judgement and a balanced intellect. the justice card are also Legal matters demanding
attention( marriage license, divorce decree, fiscal arrangement). The fairest decision
will be made. You’re being called to regard for your choices and will be judged consequently.
The Temperance card is Harmony with in a relationships. Happy marriage life or partnership. Adaptation, collaboration and tempering externa influences. Balance, Tolerance and Temperance.
The Strength card facing the effects or the verity in a situation that you have been putting off for too long in your life journey. Prostrating your fears. Courage inner Will a Sanguinity.
12) THE Isolate CARD
In the case of Isolate totally different A time for pullout, silent contemplation and solitariness. Tolerance is demanded to much defy one’s
inner world. Isolate into Could be someone who likes to or needs to work alone.
The wheel of fortune tarot card will be Change in new onsets, a new chapter in life starting. The Wheel makes a new turn’s. Remain auspicious and have faith in the Universe that it’ll take care of every situation.

The hanged Man is Immolation must be made to gain commodity of the lesser value. It’s each about staying, in order
. to allow new possibilities to arise. Vulnerability, Selflessness and New Perspectives. A amenability
to acclimatize to changed a circumstances is the main theme of this card.
The most a misknew card in the death card. The end of commodity which has a been lived
out, metamorphosis, new onsets to follow. The Death indicates a time of significant change
and transition.
The devil card is a battle with the inner world. Facing fears and inhibitions can foster growth. The Devil reflects factual is  dependences and dependences in your life, similar as drunkenness, medicine-taking, unhealthy connections,overspending., etc. Breaking of the habits and ending to dance to the devil’s tune.
17) THE Palace CARD
The palace Breaking down being forms, changing false structures and chancing true values card. Change around
the home or emotionally gruelling ages-a time of great bouleversement. It symbolizes conflict and
overall Dislocation of life, but for the lesser good. It’s about-facing affects you have been reticent
The card to deal with. It could lead to good or bad affects, but this action needs to done. Change, query and confusion.
The card Time of passivity rather than action. The Moon is a card of psychic forces, so let go of your conscious internal blocks and allow your suspicion to the guide you. To optimism, time of unresistant action, energy
The sun card in cornucopia, a time of clear vision. It’s about embracing you’re a fortune and giving it everything you have got. The Happiness, Success, Good health. This card a relates to achievement, at work or through the studies. Trip to a warm or tropical climate. Time for reaping prices for conduct,

21) Judgement card

Judgement represents the responsibility of decision making and the need to understand how we make judgments and why we may find ourselves at the mercy of other people’s judgments. Power is the lesson, and how to use the power of judgment wisely. The Fool learns that life will constantly place him or her in situations where he or she must make a “judgement call”.

22) The World card

The World tarot card brings the Fool’s Journey to a close. After learning all the lessons that the Major Arcana cards had to offer, enlightenment of a part of the journey is within reach. When the World card appears, it is time to move on to the next stage, the next cycle of knowledge, relationship, and life. The Fool learns the value of accumulated knowledge and how to develop more depth and wisdom about life.

Minor Arcana card

The Minor Arcana (covering preoccupations, activities and emotions) highlights the more practical aspects of life and can refer to current issues a that have temporary or minor influence. If a Tarot reading is predominantly made up of the Minor Arcana Tarot cards, you are dealing with issues which will not necessarily having a lasting influence on your life.The Minor Arcana contains four suits, representing the four elements: air, earth, fire, and water. Each suit has 14 cards, numbers 1 to 10 with four court to  tarot cards. There are symbols for each suit and the most common ones are/ swords for air, pentacle coins for earth, wands for fire, and cups for water. The actual names of the court cards can change from one deck to the other, but the most common ones are the page, knight, queen, and king, in that order

What the is suit Tarot cards represent:
CUPS – The Feelings and Emotions
WANDS – The Imagination, Creativity and work issues
SWORDS – The Stresses and Worries of Everyday Life
PENTACLE – The Body, Material Needs and Finances


  • ACE OF CUPS–  The Upsurge of feelings and emotion, new a relationships. Love affair, the birth of a child
  • TWO OF CUPS– The Commitment to romance, of partnership or friendship (early days, “blind love”).
  • THREE OF CUPS-  The Celebration. A stage for re-joining. The commitment to a future has been made.
  • FOUR OF CUPS- A Self-absorbed. Content with things as they are. Unwilling to be moved from this portion.
  • FIVE OF CUPS-  The five of cups Regret over past actions, loss or betrayal in love. Separation, but all is not lost that is the meaning of five of cups.
  • SIX OF CUPS– A Past effort may bring a present reward or an old lover may reappear and Sentimental time.
  • SEVEN OF CUPS- A choice to be made with many options a open. Careful decisions must be taken. Act. There is a risk of illusion. You need to avoid escapism protect yourself against negative thinking and leaving past behind and move forward,
  • EIGHT OF CUPS- The eight of cups no matter how much energy has been put into something. Walk away. follow you’re a big dream card.A wish of paramount importance will come true.
  • NINE OF CUPS- A nine of cups also be Great emotional joy. happiness and contentment, with a sense
  • TEN OF CUPS- The Tens of cups of permanence and future purpose.It often a suggests starting a family.The is sense of harmony. rebirth of new feelings, fragile new starting
  • PAGE OF CUPS- A page of cups in the world of emotion. “New Phase”-birth of a child, new relationship, engagement.Show your feeling/listen to your inner voice/Take a fresh perspective on a difficult issue and approach that is situation with benefit of the doubt and love and page of cups also Spirit of romance/A gentle, caring lover
  • KNIGHT OF CUPS- The knight of cups and friend. Sensitive/affectionate. Thoughtful.Chivalrous. Creative and artistic.The Knight of Cups may suggest a proposal is coming.A person who a possesses strong perceptive nature always.
  • QUEEN OF CUPS-  The queen of cups are deep desire to learn about the inner world and mature female. Follow your heart, Peace and Harmony. Go with the flow.Meeting with caring and concerned, nurturing.
  • KING OF CUPS- A king of cups is a person or it may be that you have to develop some of the maternal and protective qualities within yourself and you Emotional balance.
  • ACE OF WANDS An Ace wands also be define upsurge of creative energy, drive and energy.Great potential for success life.
  • TWO OF WANDS Intuitive choice of two of wands also determine two possibilities, equally good and Firm plans must be formulated
  • THREE OF WANDS- The three wands of stage of initial completion of a creative project.New ideas forming and new forces of energy being generated.
  • FOUR OF WANDS The time to pause for celebration after hard efforts (holiday, period of rest and relaxation) also known as “The Marriage Card”.
  • FIVE OF WANDS A five of wands a time of struggle, petty obstacles constantly appear and cause difficulties. Open conflict/Certain issues cause a lot of tension and confusion.
  • SIX OF WANDS- the six wands also be Public acclaim, promotion, recognition for work and effort (winning a scholarship, gaining a qualification, getting a lead role, publishing book or a success in any other chosen field).
  • SEVEN OF WANDS- The seven wands be stage after the public recognition and Stiff competition must now be faced.
    Hold you ground. Renewed a determination and courage are necessary.
  • EIGHT OF WANDS- A eight wands period of fruitful progress after a delay or struggle. Everything is on your side.
  • NINE OF WANDS- the Strength in reserve can provide enough energy to win the battle, although resources seem exhausted. Push hard.
  • TEN OF WANDS- The ten of wands are danger implied in taking on more than one can cope with a Inadequate awareness of our limitations.
  • PAGE OF WANDS- The bearer of good news and the desire or stirring of creative growth. Free spirit. Follow creative urges, be spontaneous. “New Phase” in which your creative world must be developed page of wands.
  • KNIGHT OF WANDS- The Knight of wands a Spirit of Adventure, move of home or country and Exciting and unreliable young man. Time to develop exuberant and adventurous qualities, Passionate and spontaneous.
  • QUEEN OF WANDS The queen of wands are person embodying creative, imaginative and intuitive powers or through the development of these qualities within yourself. Strong Leader/Exercise, be active. Social Network.
    The Queen of Wands’ is characteristics often lead to the performing arts.
  • KING OF WANDS- the king of wands is meeting a fiery, impulsive, enthusiastic person or it may mean that you yourself will have to develop some of the optimism and exuberance he possesses. The Creative power. He enjoys starting new projects, but doesn’t always finish up the way.
  • ACE OF SWORDs- The ace of sword are Inevitable and irrevocable change. Awakening of mental powers is which may cause conflict at first but are ultimately conducive to growth and development it.
  • TWO OF SWORDS- A two of swords is Stalemate; nothing can move or change,a situation of great tension and deep hostility, yet nobody mentions it. An impasse has been reached.
  • THREE OF SWORDS– The three of swords are Quarrels and conflict, a period of stormy weather for relationships and The card implies that something sad or painful must be allowed to work itself out / Heartbreak.
  • FOUR OF SWORDS–  The four of swords a need for rest or retreat after stress and a time for convalescence after tension.
  • FIVE OF SWORDS– A swords Pride must be swallowed, limitations accepted, before further progress can be made. We have to work within the framework of all kind of situation.
  • SIX OF SWORDS- The six of swords are card of harmony. A period of calm after great anxiety, release of tension, a peaceful journey towards of smoother waters (sometimes physical move away from unpleasant surroundings).
  • SEVEN OF SWORDS- the swords a need for evasion and avoidance of direct confrontation in order to achieve objective and Use brain, tact, diplomacy, rather than brawn and aggression
  • EIGHT OF SWORDS– The eight of sword are fear of moving out of a situation of bondage, paralysis. (Indicates a situation of tension similar to Two of Swords. In this case,however and the choices are perfectly conscious).
  • NINE OF SWORDS- Swords are time in which the mind is tormented by fears of impending doom. Nightmares and fantasies trouble the mind, even though the facts do not match the fears things.
  • TEN OF SWORDS- The tens of swords are end of a painful situation or state.There emerges an ability to see a situation realistically and Once something is ended,the way is cleared for a fresh start and Clear break.
  • PAGE OF SWORDS- Page of swords “New Phase”, mentally active period.Go for it. Beginnings of intellectual
    development; gossip or idle talk may cause disruption.
  • KNIGHT OF SWORDS- A swords are Time of communication and mental development, new idea or vision.Mind-expanding and  progressive period.Great ambition, determination and strength to succeed no matter what is going on.
  • QUEEN OF SWORDS- Queen of swords are sternness of a mature intellect which is devoid of emotion. Difficult decisions and Keep clear head, be independent in thought and judgement. Use facts and logic.Face up to the truth and Don’t let yourself be fooled.
  • KING OF SWORDS- The king of swords are meeting an intelligent and charming and high principled person. Symbol of intellectual power and authority. Professional advisor and Develop logic and reasoning powers.
  • ACE OF PENTACLES- The ace of pentacles are material achievement is possible and financial aid may be available for the beginning of new enterprise.
  • TWO OF PENTACLES- A two of pentacles are Change and fluctuation in financial matters, but harmony within the change. An optimism and enthusiasm which balances out anxieties about financial affairs. Finances, luck.
  • THREE OF PENTACLES- The satisfactory time. Initial completion of work,a basic structure is built which are still requires the finishing touches.
  • FOUR OF PENTACLES- Four of pentancle – There is danger in clinging too tightly to what one has earned. Nothing is lost and but nothing can be gained. Miserliness (usually money) can be extended to the realm of feelings.
  • FIVE OF PENTACLES- The Financial loss and hardship. Loss of luck / health.Loss on a deeper level and of esteem,of faith in oneself life.
  • SIX OF PENTACLES- The Help from a generous friend or employer,a situation in which there is money
    or good fortune to be shared six of pentacles.
  • SEVEN OF PENTACLES A pentacles difficult decision must be made,between material security and uncertain new opportunities. This is a card about patience and letting things is ripen.
  • EIGHT OF PENTACLES- The apprentice and training or starting out a new in another profession.
  • NINE OF PENTACLES- A nine of pentacles card of great satisfaction and pleasure,reward for effort and material benefits.
  • TEN OF PENTACLES- The Financial stability and foundation for home and family.
  • PAGE OF PENTACLES- The Beginning awareness of the value of material sense; slow development. Consider further study and Start saving money for future or Apply careful planning in order to manifest
    your dreams and achieve your goals.You need to remain focused on the practical and tangible elements always.
  • KNIGHT OF PENTACLES- The Spirit of determination and earthy practicality is due to enter your life and a person of integrity or Someone who can be counted on.
  • QUEEN OF PENTACLES- The queen pentacles is represents prosperity and security or Meeting with an affectionate, generous,sensuous person. Mother figure. Finances are definitely improving and business success.Take a sensible approach, be resourceful
    and practical. Maintain “down to earth”attitude. Create balance
  • KING OF PENTACLES- The Meeting wealthy, ambitious, materially-oriented person or you may need to develop some drive for material a gain within.

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