Understanding the Moon Mahadasha 

Moon Mahadasha 

With regards to Vedic astrology, Moon Mahadasha of Chandra Mahadasha is a 10 year long period in a person’s life. It is a period when the planet Moon holds much control in the person’s life. It ends when the next planet takes over.

Therefore, this is a period when the person’s life is dictated by the moon and it holds influence over the person’s balance of life. Be it in the form of their mental health, physical appearance and even their relationships. This period is usually a period of emotional and psychological growth. You are likely to experience a sense of maturity and become more empathetic during these times. The new knowledge you gain during these times ultimately improves you as a person by enhancing your abilities. 

Positive Effects of Moon Mahadasha:

  • It is a period of increasing emotional stability. It is associated with the betterment of intuition, altruistic behaviour.
  • People usually feel at ease with their feelings and develop a better relationship with themselves. It is easier to navigate through the toxicity faced in everyday lives.
  • Individuals may generate lots of new ideas due to the new knowledge they acquire. Acquired knowledge provides better perspectives.
  • There is also a high possibility of increase in wealth. You would find it easier to make better investments and improve your financial status. 
  • You would recover physically quickly and there would be improvement in your health both in terms of mental and physical health. This is a result of moon being a feminine planet which initiates healing due to its energies.

Although the Mahadashas hold influence as per astrology yet there is a lot of value in an individual’s efforts. However, due to the energies of the dominant planet in the Mahadasha, the actions of a person do get influenced. There are both pros and cons that arise due to Mahadashas. There are some negative effects of Moon Mahadasha as well.

Negative effects of Moon Mahadasha are:

  • There is a thin possibility that problems may arise with your digestive systems. You might feel a bit stressed out due to the longevity of time it takes to recover from the diseases.
  • There would be experiences of heightened sensitivity which could lead to increase in anxiety, depression and mental health issues as well in some cases.
  • There is a chance that you might feel grumpy, irritable or have an increase in short temper and get angry about meagre issues.
  • There would be a variety of thoughts running inside your head which could make it difficult for your closed ones to understand you. 

Moon Mahadasha and Antardasha:

  1. Moon Mahadasha and Sun:

It is a clash between the serene nature of the moon and the self centred nature of the Sun. Therefore it raises the chances of clashes between you and your loved ones.

  1. Moon Mahadasha and Moon antardasha:

You might face the troubles of anxiety during these times. There could be emotional instability due to increase in anxiety. However, this is an opportunity for tremendous emotional growth.

  1. Moon Mahadasha and Mars antardasha:

Individuals are in a delicate state during the Moon Mahadasha therefore it becomes slightly difficult to deal with the aggressive mars. There could be times where you might find it difficult to interact with your closed ones and keep your relationships intact.

  1. Moon Mahadasha and Mercury antardasha:

It is a time where challenges related to communication will get resolved. It is the right time to convey the things which you were earlier hesitant to convey. 

  1. Moon Mahadasha and Jupiter antardasha:

With the wisdom filled nature of Jupiter it is the time of emotional well being and gains in maturity. It is a growth oriented period. You would find yourself more and more involved in self improvement, in constant efforts to improve yourself in all aspects.

  1. Moon Mahadasha and Venus antardasha:

It is a great time to build up on the artistic interests and hobbies which were discontinued due to some reason. You will find great contentment pursing them during these times. 

  1. Moon Mahadasha and Saturn antardasha:

This would be the time where you would be expected to live a very structured and disciplined life, which means there would be a lot of challenges in your workspace. 

  1. Moon Mahadasha and Rahu antardasha:

You need to be very very careful during these times because there is a possibility that you might face a downfall in your business or experience a lot of difficulty in growing your business. 

  1. Moon Mahadasha and Ketu Antardasha:

Although you might find it challenging to convey your thoughts but it is the time period of spiritual awakening and positive detachment from insecurities. You will find yourself as a new and better person due to the introspective nature of Ketu which comes in during these times.

Remedies for Moon Mahadasha:

  • It should be taken into consideration to wear a pearl. It could be a pearl ring or a pearl necklace. It provides a favourable balance of lunar energies which could later help you to counter the doshas.
  • A sattvic diet should be prioritized. It could provide your body with proper nourishment while controlling the level of tamas causing an effect of overall positive well being.
  •  The worship of Lord Shiva should be emphasized in this Mahadasha. The reason being the calm of Shiva which would greatly affect your well being by providing positive lunar energies.
  • You should do all the Chandra pujas and yagnas without skipping any of them to minimize the effects of the chandra dosha.
  • You should also consider seeking advice from a well learned astrologer.


Therefore the moon Antardasha is a period which provides a favourable time for emotional growth. However, there could be times when you experience some anxiety and mental unease. But, these issues and other chandra doshas can be dealt with the above provided remedies and our platform would also be highly helpful in providing necessary help.

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