Venus Mahadasha: Navigating the Journey of Love, Luxury, and Creativity

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Venus symbolizes love, beauty, creativity, art, and material wealth. During Venus Mahadahsa, it takes centre stage, putting together experiences that revolve around relationships, indulgence, and artistic pursuits. Its influence extends beyond romantic relationships, shaping our aesthetic preferences, social interactions, and financial endeavours.

Shukra Mahadasha is also known as the Venus period; it is a 20-year-long time period where the planet Venus has control over a variety of aspects of an individual’s life. It can bring both positive and negative impacts depending on the position and strength of Venus and its relationship with other planets.

Venus, in general, is a very generous and polite planet that brings along prosperity with its gentle touch. This is a 20-year long period. It symbolizes pleasures of a variety of sorts in life, such as beauty, fondness, affection and luxury. During the presence of Venus Mahadasha, you can get opportunities to experience high amounts of comfort and passion. Your moods will experience a sense of ecstasy and joy during these times. These are times of great bonding with your family and other people who are close to your heart.

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Venus Antardasha

Every dasha has its positives and negatives however it doesn’t mean that there is no value in an individual’s efforts. The dashas do influence these actions in their own way, though. It just happens so that Venus Mahadasha makes people too comfortable in their zones that they become reluctant to reasonable actions. Similar to this there are other negative effects of Venus Mahadasha.

Possible Positive effects of Venus Mahadasha

  • Venus Mahadasha is highly helpful to channelize your potential as an artist. It is a time to bring out all your creative energies and put them up into building a new career.
  • It is a to rebuild on all which you had lost in the previous dasha. It could be moving on from a traumatic memory or to forgive all those who have caused distress to you.
  • Wealth generation would be much easier during this time. A huge amount of wealth is right at your doorstep if you show some effort towards reaching it.
  • There is a high possibility that things which seem to be going out of your way might miraculously favour you in the end.
  • Also, this is the time to devour in art, beauty and all creative pursuits. This is the time you would likely get a lot of attention from the opposite sex.
  • Venus represents marriage, love, art, and luxury: There are high chances you will get a wonderful and attractive life partner. You can also get a lot of attention from the opposite sex and remain desirable for a very long time. 

Expected Negative effects of Venus Mahadasha

  • There is a slight chance that your relationships might face some issues and your marriage could become slightly unstable.
  • There is a possibility that you may feel uneasy and uncomfortable both in your personal and professional life due to the work which you may be expected to put in. There would be a lot of work to deliver. However, one must remember this work would yield in a lot of prosperity.
  • You would also be vulnerable towards addictions like alcoholism.
  • Due to the high amount of pleasures that you might absorb yourself it i,s a high possibility that your health deteriorates.

In order to deal with the negative effects of Venus Mahadasha there are small steps that can be taken.

Some of the remedies to deal with Venus Mahadasha are

  • The rudraksha beads are a symbol of purity and held in very high regard in Hinduism. The six-mukhi rudraksha can lower the effects of shukra dosha.
  • You should consider cleaning your gemstone in Ganga Jal or the milk of a cow is also considered essential as it improves the radiance of the gemstone.
  • Keeping the Shukra Yantra image or page beside the deity must be kept in mind every time a puja is performed for the Shukra graha.
  • Seeking guidance from an experienced astrologer and acting on their advice is highly recommended.

Remember, all these effects are subject to the placement and its aspects in your birth chart. To understand its effect on your Kundali, Sign in to AstroNidan for free.

Therefore, we can say that Shukra Mahadasha or Venus Mahadasha is a 20 year long period which is greatly beneficial in bringing pleasures, fulfilment of desires, materialistic possessions and wealth. It also is a time of recovery from the effects of previous dashas. You may also consider pursuing your creative pursuits and maybe build up on new career opportunities. But this can also become a time of unhealthy indulgence, and you may become vulnerable towards addictions. Therefore it becomes very important to take measures in the form of remedies which would prevent the shukra doshas. Wearing a six-mukhi rudraksha, cleaning your gemstones with gangajal or milk and seeking advice from an experienced astrologer would be very helpful to prevent the effects of shukra doshas.

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