Numerology predictions – Number 6 – year 2021

If your root no. is 6 then this year will be highly beneficial for you and you will gain a lot from various sources and in different aspects. Your love life will be excellent this year and there will be overall satisfaction in your love life. You both may also plan some long trips together and these will prove to be highly beneficial for you. If you are a student, then this year you will be highly focused and your seriousness towards your studies will help you achieve your goals. In higher education also, you will perform much better. Your family life will remain good this year and there will be much love between family members. The relationship between you and your spouse will be satisfying and you both will be there for each other during tough times. In your job, you may get the desired job transfer and this will provide gains for you during the middle part of the year. Business in partnership will incur tremendous benefits and the business will see new heights. You may also gain by working with your spouse and by taking their advice in your work this year.

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