Numerology predictions – Number 9 – year 2021

If your root number in 9 then this year will prove to be progressive for you and you will be able to become better than what you were before. However, to strengthen your financial condition, you will have to control your expenses, otherwise there can be suffering regarding the same. Your family life will be better this year and there will be much love and affection among the family members which will further promote the togetherness. If you are a student, your hard work is what will decide your success. You will also be successful in your competitive exams this year. If you are already working, changes of promotion and increment in the salary are also there. This year is highly favorable for business as well. Your health will remain good throughout the year, although there can be some minor eye-related problems. Marital life will also give you happiness and the love between you two will grow. Overall, a very good year for you.

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