Numerology predictions – Number 8 – year 2021

If your root number is 8 then this year will give you average results and you will have to put some efforts to gain in life. You have to be practical in life this year and take decisions carefully. Though there may be ups and downs in your marital life, your relations with your spouse will get better eventually. If you are in a love relationship then something special may happen between you two this year. You may also get married if you are willing for that. Be open about it with both the families and you will get the desired support for the fulfilment of your wishes. There may be minor health problems but if you take care of your eating habits and daily routine, your health will be alright. Professionally, this year is good for you and previous disputes will get resolved this year. You will get the support of your colleagues and will make progress. If you are a businessman/woman, you will gain immensely through your business and will become better at it. Academically, your performance will be better and with better guidance this year, you will be able to score better in your exams. Success in competitive exams is also a possibility. Overall, this year is good for you.

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