Numerology predictions – Number 7 – year 2021

If your root number is 7 then this year is particularly good for your financial conditions. There will be increment in your earnings and you will see no problems regarding money matters. Your financial conditions will remain strong and you will be able to use this money to fulfil all your desires this year. However, if you are a student then your academic life can get a bit tough for you and you will have to put in good amount of hard work to reap success. Any negligence in this matter can cause setbacks in academic life. Though, you may perform better in your competitive exams during the middle part of the year. Talking about your married life, things can be a bit stressful during the beginning of the year, but will get better as the time progresses. You should try to make progress in your love life if you are single and help people around you. This will help you gain respect and improve your image among the people. For business also, this year seems favorable.

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