Numerology predictions – Number 1 – year 2021

This year, you will get average results and things will happen at normal pace in your life. The beginning of the year is good for you and you will have all the confidence that you would need. You will be full of energy and this will help you in getting success at your work place. You will be able to work hard and your hard work will bear sweet fruits. However, if you are a businessman/woman, the beginning of the year may not be favorable for you and you will have to wait till the mid-year to make good financial gains. Until then, try not to make any investment or else this may give you loss. If you are still studying, your academic life will be great but will have to work harder if appearing for any competitive exam. Overall, this year is good for you and even though you face obstacles, you will be able to overcome all. You will be financially stable as well and your relations with your spouse, which could a bit stressful in the first half of the year, will improve and become pleasant.

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