Numerology predictions – Number 2 – year 2021

You will get favorable results this year and all your hard work will yield good results for you. If you are a student then you will make excellent progress in your academic life, but only after putting in efforts and hard work. You will develop discipline which will help you in your work and will give an altogether different persona. Your love life will also be better this year and the bond between you two will only grow stronger. Time may also be favorable for you to tie the knot and this will only make your life much more pleasant. Chances of favorable job transfers are also there and you will gain popularity through the same. Understanding with your life partner will become better and you may also go on a pilgrimage journey. You will travel a lot during this year. You will have the support of your family and you will be mostly engaged in fulfilling their wishes. You may also visit some hill station during the last months of the year. Piece of advice for you, take some time off for yourself and take care of your health during these times.

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