Numerology predictions – Number 3 – year 2021

If your root number is 3 then you will mostly get average results this year. There will be a certain sense of curiosity within you but due to much confusion in life you will not be able to take the right decision. Your involvement in religious and spiritual activities will however bring you at peace. If you are studying then this year will give you fruitful results. You will be able to work hard and achieve success in your academic life. Apart from this, your performance in competitive exams will be much better. Regarding your love life, this year will be normal for you but some of you may get lucky and tie the knot with their beloved at the appropriate time period. Career wise also, this year can be said as favorable. You will get the support and benefits from the government, most possibly in the beginning of the year. However, there can be some ups and downs, but your income will remain stable for most part of the year. The only thing that you should keep in check is your expenses. There will be unnecessary expenses this year but you will remain mentally strong and succeed in your undertakings.

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